Mold Inspection-What Happens When You Forget Your Thermostat

Mold Inspection

mold inspection


Mold Inspection: Have you changed your thermostat’s battery in the last year? I’m sure if you are like the rest of us, you can’t remember when you last changed it. The odds are it is time to change the batteries in your thermostat so your AC does not malfunction.

You should replace batteries in your thermostat whenever you see the “low battery” icon appear on its screen. Some of us see the weird looking icon appear and have no idea what it means. Most of the AC Companies assume we know what they want us to do. But, like most people, we have not even thought of changing the batteries in the thermostat let alone change the air filter. These are important items to remember, otherwise your AC could stop working when you need it most and your home will require a mold inspection.

I personally change all the batteries in my house all at one time. I replace the the thermostat batteries at the same time as the fire detector that goes off like clockwork in the middle of the night with its beep beep beep sound. I also change the batteries in my wall clocks during this same time.

Changing these batteries are an important part of maintenance in your home. If you do not change them, there will be consequences such as your AC gets mold on the coil from not changing the AC Filter which will then require a mold inspection. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us regarding inspecting your home for mold and any other allergens.

Mold Inspection