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Moisture Surveys

Do You Have a “LEAKING HOUSE”? OR Is It “MOLD”?

Moisture Survey

Moisture Survey

We begin our inspections with a moisture survey. This will help your Doctor to understand what is happening in your home. Doctors are beginning to understand the nature of mold and allergens on the immune system and allergic reactions. Studies have been made and one of the conclusions was that molds can cause sinusitis in people. Thus many people from asthma, headaches, chronic fatigue, sinusitis, blurred vision, flu like symptoms and more as a result of mold and allergens. Young children are more susceptible to mold and allergens and can have chronic symptoms of running nose or coughing like symptoms.

Our job is to do a moisture survey and investigate your property to determine what the problem is and if there are mold and allergens present, how to solve the problem and propose a plan of action to solve the mold and allergens in your home.

Our moisture survey is ideal for home and building owners and tenants that experience mold and allergen sensitivities such as sinusitis, asthma, chronic fatigue, headaches and more, or individuals that are concerned about indoor air quality problems.

A moisture survey is also ideal for those who have Asthma, Mold or Chemical Sensitivity and are planning to purchase or lease a new house or apartment to live in. It is important to check before you sign on the dotted line and finalize the deal.

We also consult with people who are building new homes on how to build a “Safe-Home” for you and your children. We show how to use the newest technologies and materials to help prevent allergic problems in the future.

Our Survey Includes:

Visual inspection and sampling for laboratory analysis.
Laboratory analysis of mold samples.
Locating the sources of water intrusion utilizing moisture meters and visual means.
Finding all sources of water creation.
Analysis of the Air Conditioning System.
Analysis of air intrusion locations that cause Dew Pointing of walls.
Surveying of gutter and downspout systems, landscaping and drainage.
A report detailing findings and solutions to the problems to eliminate mold growth.

Hi-Tech equipment is used in a Moisture Survey and other investigations, including moisture meters, humidity and dew-point meters, air flow meters, flexible optic scopes, particle counters, Infrared Camera and infrared temperature measurement devices.

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