Mold Inspection – Are You Suffering From “Open Window Syndrome”?

Open Window Syndrome


“Open Window Syndrome” is a problem in the Building Indoor Air Environment caused by too much exterior air entering the Building or home due to poor design or control. A serious problem can arise due to high humidity especially in a Sub-Tropical climate such as South Florida. The results of “Open Window Syndrome” is slow and gradual Microbial Growth in the Indoor Environment on organic materials such as paper, drywall, books, photos and etc.

This is a common problem that we find in our inspections in S. Florida. The climate in South Florida is termed as Sub-Tropical approximately six months out of the year. If you have too much outdoor air entering your home, the result can be slow and gradual mold growth in your home. It is important to check your Temperature and Humidity inside your home on a weekly basis.

We recommend the Extech Humidity/Temperature Pen 445580 due to its reliability and excellent service. This is one of the tools we use in our inspections to measure Temperature and Humidity. Remember, if you do not take care of your home, it will not be a good environment for your family. This is a good investment for every homeowner. For more information, contact us for a Mold Inspection at (954) 531-6476.

“Open Window Syndrome”