Chlorine Allergy – Why are Salt Water Swimming Pools Good For You?

Chlorine Allergy

Chlorine Allergy

Chlorine Allergy

There are a lot of individuals with allergies to Chlorine. Most pools are disinfected by the use of chlorine and has been popular for many years because there were no alternatives. Salt Water pools are easier to maintain and require lower expenses. They also have a minimal use of chemical substances. We have seen multiple salt water pools and the users are very happy with their choice of switching over to salt water. These pools have special characteristics but this is not part of this discussion. It is better to talk to your local pool contractor.

Let’s see what the advantages of these types of swimming pools for a Chlorine Allergy.

If you are one of those individuals with a Chlorine Allergy, salt water pools require fewer chemicals. This is great for those who like to swim frequently. They don’t have to deal with chemicals that will affect their health in the long run. These type of pools are also more environmentally friendly and safer. Plus, there is no irritating or chlorine smell.

Salt is a healthier alternative. It is also friendlier to the skin and your overall general health. It is easier on the skin and is not known to cause any medical problems. Chlorine will irritate eyes and discolor your hair. You do not suffer from symptoms related to chlorine exposure that are related to Chlorine Allergy.

They are easier to maintain. Salt swimming pools require less maintenance and fewer chemical expenses. They have the ability to keep the water clean and do not require too much attention. On the other hand, the chlorine pools need a lot of chemicals to maintain hygiene. Water sanitation can be easily achieved in a salt water pool for your Chlorine Allergy.

Dollars are well spent on a salt swimming pool because of the lower maintenance costs. They are definitely much more expensive to build but you will recoup your money within a few years. According to sources, the cost of a salt water swimming pool is almost half the cost of a chlorine pool with maintenance added in.

Medical problems are eliminated from organochlorines, which is a known disrupter of human hormones. Organochlorines are also associated with several medical conditions. These conditions can range from infertility, impaired immune system, hormonal imbalances and even cancer. These substances can also affect individuals with Asthma and Respiratory Problems. Pools disinfected with Salt have low levels of chlorine which is not know to cause any of these diseases.

In conclusion, building a salt water swimming pool is definitely a good idea and is beneficial for your health. The initial costs are higher but you save in the long run on maintenance. They help eliminate health problems from organochlorines. If you have health problems such as Asthma, Allergies or an Impaired Immune System, consult with your Doctor before making a decision about a Salt Water Swimming Pool.

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