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Allergies In Your Home

Allergies To Home

Allergies To Home


Allergies in today’s homes is becoming a major problem due to the fact that chemicals being added to products being bought in in your local Department Stores or your online retailer. stores . The source of the manufacture is not being questioned such as most of the products are coming from unregulated areas such as China, Vietnam and a host of other countries. Products made in the USA are regulated. Check out the MSDS (Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet) of all products you buy.

How Can I Minimize Allergies to Chemicals in my Home?

1.  Allergies To Paint: If you are repainting your home, use only low or no VOC Paints. We have used Sherwin-Williams “Harmony” and AFM “Safe Coat” with success in the past. My own house was painted with “Harmony” from Sherwin-Williams. It took about 4 weeks to out-gas. All paints have an out-gassing period. Test the paint out before painting your room to see if you have allergies to the ingredients

2. Furniture Refinishing-relocate all furniture to exterior before stripping off old paint. Remember, some old furniture contains lead paint, so be careful. Only paint or varnish outside your home. Leave it there till it out-gasses to avoid allergies.



3. Allergies To Carpeting-we do not recommend any form of carpeting. They are dirt collectors and cannot be properly cleaned by a Vacuum Cleaner or Shampooing to remove all the dirt, dander

4. Flooring-we only recommend porcelain tile and solid wood flooring. Only porcelain tile on concrete foundations, no solid wood due to moisture problems with concrete.

5. Allergies in Your Garage-do not store pesticides, gasoline, tires, chemicals etc in your garages. These chemicals can migrate into your house every time you open the door to the interior.

This is only a few tips on how to avoid Allergies in Your Home. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Safe Homes at (954) 531-6476 in S. Florida.