Air Quality – Using an HEPA Rated Air Purifier For Optimum Health

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Air Quality

Air Quality

Air Quality is an important fact when it comes to buying an air purifier. A lot of people are so concerned with the cost that they lose sight of the real picture. It is important to think about the cost of an air purifier, but that is not all that you need to think about. The fact being, it is important to take into consideration the air purifier as a whole, but its different parts also. When it comes to clean air and air quality, you are advised to look at the type of filters being used.

Lets start by examining the types of filters that are used with most most air cleaners. Most air purifiers use filters, but there are some that do not use any at all. Most of these types of air cleaners use a collection grid instead of a filter. This grid does not need replacing but just needs to be wiped off. Yes, it is a low maintenance air purifier but, you may want to think about the air quality before purchasing an air purifier that is filter-less.

Even though the filter-less air purifiers are easier to maintain, the cost up front could be more than it is worth. What you are really looking for is cost and quality in one package deal. So, it is better to purchase an air purifier that uses a filter. There is only one type of good filter and that is a HEPA rated filter. Remember, quality is the only choice for good Indoor Air Quality.

Air Quality HEPA Rated Filters

Air Quality

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Why are they considered the best? Any air cleaner manufacturer that claims to use HEPAfilters, must follow the rules and regulations set up by the Department of Energy. All HEPA Rated Filters, thanks to these strict rules and regulations are effective up to 99.97%. Any HEPA Rated Filters air filter must trap 99.97% of all airborne contaminants that are 0.3 microns in size or larger. These filters are very good when it comes to trapping dust, dust mites, bacteria or other harmful air particles. The down side is that air purifiers with HEPA Rated Filters tend to cost more money than those with other than non HEPA rated filters. The truth being, they are often worth the extra cost for your health. What is your health really worth?

Besides the type of filter being used, it is also important to examine how often the replacement filters are needed. Some are poor quality and you use a vacuum cleaner to clean them. Think about this for a second, you just cleaned the air and put it in a sealed filter, now you open this filter container up and vacuum it. This is just plain stupid, you are releasing the allergens you just cleaned out of the air by opening it up to clean it. The best advice is to avoid these types of air cleaners because they are really ineffective in the long run. Buying quality is the only way to go, so get a HEPA rated air purifier.

In the end, the quality of your air is the most important part of this story. The right filter is the most important part, not the cost because it can significantly affect your health. So, it is either buy quality or use a sub-standard air cleaner and get poor quality of Indoor Air. So, in the end, by getting a HEPA rated filter, you are buying the best for your money. I own 4 Austin Air Filters that are HEPA Rated for my own home.

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